Scraping therapy/Gua Sha

Scraping therapy uses an implement made of a semi-precious stone like jade or quartz, or od buffalo horn, to treat the meridian and disease areas.

This treatment promotes blood circulation and alleviates blood stasis, adjusting yin and yang, relaxing muscles and collaterals, expelling toxins and build-up within the body..


It can be used as a preventative treatment and as a support for general health.

Young woman receiving facial rejuvenatio
Do the scrapping of traditional Chinese

Gua Sha 15 min $35

Gua Sha 30 min $65

Gua Sha Face lifting 30min $75 

Gua Sha for whole body lymphatic draining 45min $110

Lymphedema Massage + Lymphatic Drainage 60 min $126
Lymphedema Massage + Lymphatic Drainage 90 min  $150