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Active Form of CoQ10

Serving Type: Soft Capsule

Available In Sizes: 60 capsules


Ubiquinol is the reduced (active) form of coenzyme Q10. It supports cardiovascular system health and helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood lipids as well as supports blood vessel health. Ubiquinol maintains energy levels and supports energy production. It is also an antioxidant, helping to reduce free radicals formed in the body in ageing individuals.


Product Information


  • An antioxidant that reduces free radicals formed in the body.
  • Supports energy levels and energy production.
  • Helps in the maintenance of healthy blood lipids.
  • Supports healthy cholesterol.
  • Maintains cardiovascular system health and healthy cardiovascular system function.
  • Supports heart health and maintains blood vessel health.
  • Supports general health and wellbeing.



Each capsule contains:

Ubiquinol-10 (reduced coenzyme Q10)100 mg

Ubiquinol BioActive 100mg 60 capsules

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