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Excess Weight


Today, excess weight is known to lead to serious risks and cardiovascular disorders.


Medical Endermologie

In fact, a greater concentration of fat in the blood results in deposits along the arteries, which slow down blood circulation and can cause pain or other ailments. The risk of heart attack is thus multiplied by 1.5 for a person who is 10 to 30% overweight and by 2 if the person is more than 30% overweight.


Moreover, people suffering from excess weight are generally those whose physical activity is reduced. Their muscle mass often proves insufficient to do its part in supporting and protecting the osteoarticular system. This can notably cause varying degrees of back pain and lower limb joint problems (osteoarthritis).

Lipo massage is non-invasive treatment to treat localized fat pockets, reducing the appearance of cellulite and shaping the body. No injections. Incisions, or drugs required and there is little to no side effects after treatment.

The treatment lifts, kneads and stretches underlying tissue with a deep, firm massage. This action reaches the body’s deep tissues where it stimulates the metabolism of fat cells and connective tissue resulting in a reduction of fat and cellulite. At Healing Art TCM Clinic we have the latest Lipo massage equipment and our trained staff will aim to give you the best results possible

Lipomassage: the responsible solution for a slim, firm body

Adored by stars all over the world, well-known to the general public, the Cellu M6 Keymodule (the Lipomassage machine) is the alternative to invasive methods. It fights against exercise- and diet-resistant fats ... and has the scientific evidence to prove it!

As far as slimming devices and other miraculous instruments are concerned, the offer is now excessive, as are the promises that accompany them: slim without effort, tone up the skin in just a few minutes, accelerate muscle development... And that’s without even mentioning the more invasive proposals (surgery, injections, suction, radiofrequency, etc).

ick up the skin to stimulate the targeted cells in depth (fat cells, fibroblasts) thus providing a unique treatment: Lipomassage.”

A responsible slimming solution

Thus the potential of every human for slimness and youthfulness is stimulated in a natural way, without pain and without any risk for the health of those being treated. “At a time when so many promise a miracle treatment, by injection or surgery, for a slim or firm, vigorous body, we are opposed to this systematization that pushes so many women to go against nature and take risks for their health,” enrages Christian Gagnière, who adds: “We like to say that the only side effect of the Cellu M6 is beauty! And it’s true: we’ve been developing and improving our technology for more than twenty years now, and we’re absolutely certain of its harmlessness and its beneficial effects.”

On the strength of these observations, the company is now committed to the concept of responsible beauty, respectful of human nature: “Why take risks,” wonders Christian Gagnière, “when Lipomassage (the body slimming technique) naturally encourages the removal of diet- and exercise-resistant fats, smoothes cellulite, reshapes the figure and tones up the skin?”

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