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Cosmetic acupuncture package.

Acupoints Massage:

It mainly focuses on meridian acupoint massage. Its techniques have strong penetration, which can relax muscles, relieve fatigue, regulate human functions, improve human immunity, clear meridians, balance yin and yang, and prolong life

Ear candling

It can reduce sinus pressure, reduce inflammation and relieve pain; clean the ear canal, relieve pain and fever after tympanic membrane rupture; assist lymphatic circulation; dredge energy, refresh the mind, and stabilize emotions; Taste and color acuity


body acupuncture + face gua sha + face acupuncture = 1 hr =$150

express 30 minutes face gua sha + face acupuncture = 30 minutes=$95

Ear candling

ear candling =$68

ear candling +Acu=$120

ear candling + massage 60mins=$130

ear candling and massage lymphatic 90 mins=$195


Acupoints Massage:

  • 30 mins=$65

  • 45mins=$95

  • 60mins=$126

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