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Kazuko Jikuya

Kazuko, originally from Japan, has 26 years of Clinical experience in Acupuncture and TCM after studying and gaining Master of Health Science in TCM from UK and UTS Sydney. She also hold Certificate of Therapeutic Massage/Kampo Medicine/ Qi Gong Healing. In some particularly stubborn cases, she has found that Qi Gong healing (the use of body movement and breathing technique) used in conjunction with Acupuncture helps tremendously in expediting recovery. ​ Kazuko has had success in the treatment of the following disorders: Acute Back Strains and Chronic Back Pain Respiratory Infection and Allergy Disorders, Acute and Chronic Bronchitis Chronic Depression Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sleep Disorders Infertility & Gynaecological Disorders Meniere's Disease Headache, Migraines Neck and Back Injury Osteoarthritis of Knee, Hip, and Shoulder, Frozen Shoulder Repetitive motion disorders Skin Disorders, Acne, eczema,Shingles Prostate Disorders Indigestion Anxiety and panic attack


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