At Healing Art TCM Clinic, we have highly qualified practitioners to write practitioners to administer herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese herbal medicines are mainly plant based, but some preparations include minerals and animal products. They can be administered as powders, pastes, lotions or tablets, depending on the herb and its intended use. Prescribing a particular herb or concoction of herbs means the practitioner’s diagnosis has to take into account the state of the patient’s Yin and Yang, and the elements that are governing the affected organs. Herbs are prescribed to restore energy balance to the opposing forces of energy, ( Yin and Yang ), that run through invisible channels in the body.  The herbs used can act on the body as powerfully as pharmaceutical drugs and should be treated with the same caution and respect. Our practitioners at Healing Art TCM Clinic will prescribe the appropriate herbs to address the patients condition, however it is strongly advised that the patient notifies us if they are currently taking any medication or tonics beforehand.

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